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Hunan Sunshine Bio-tech attended the 2nd symposium on microbial pharmacology

Date:2019-07-22    Views:306

Professor Liqiu Xia and Professor Xuezhi Ding, the Research Lab director of Hunan Sunshine Bio-Tech Co.,Ltd were participated in the 4th actinomycete biology and the 2nd microbial pharmacology symposium which was held in Qingdao at 19th to 22nd, the symposium to promote the basic research and industrial application of actinomycete biology in China, as well as the development of microbial pharmacy, strengthen academic exchanges among experts in the same field, and promote extensive cooperative research and achievement transformation. The seminar brought the top experts and scholars of China in actinomycete biology research, industrialization, and microbial drug research and development to discuss academic issues. At the same time, relevant enterprises and companies participated in and sponsored the meeting and went to the venue to display products.

Hunan Sunshine Bio-Tech Co., Ltd, as a key participant in the field of biotechnology research, is actively involved in the research of biotechnology and has been implementing our company's philosophy to make the world enough health and sunshine. While striving to develop itself, our company hopes to drive other researchers in the same industry to provide some valuable experience for the research of Sunshine Bio-Tech Co.,Ltd actively participated in this seminar, bringing many research results to everyone, and learning a lot of substantial research results from other excellent peers, such as DNA manipulation technology. Moreover, our research is already a leader in this research field.

We reached a consensus with many scientific researchers on the future development of biotechnology. Moreover, we also shared with them many general research results and some core research results we studied, hoping to be helpful to the new forces in the field of biotechnology in China in the future. This seminar, our company will also absorb those new forces that need to be developed and provide them with a better platform. Many of our professors actively discussed and spoke under the stage, answering the questions raised by other colleagues one by one, feeling that our professors can bring such valuable experience to other researchers while devoting themselves to research.

Professor Zhang youming in our teaching team is not only a professor from Dresden university in Germany but also a visiting professor from Shandong University. therefore, in this seminar held at Shandong University, professor Zhang youming, as the main lecturer, took the stage to speak. he told us all aspects of the knowledge of microorganisms, which is relatively new to many scholars. we can learn from his speech that microorganisms have many kinds and functions, but many kinds and functions. We can't make use of it. The research on microorganism is only at the initial level. However, our company has already started research on microorganism and has achieved significant research results, leading to 90% of the industry players.

In this seminar, our company also reached cooperation with many research institutes and laboratories such as the Key Laboratory of Synthetic Biology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the State Key Laboratory of Microbial Metabolism, the pharmaceutical biotechnology Institute of Zhejiang University, the State Key Laboratory of Early Development of Microbial Resources, the State Key Laboratory of Agricultural Microorganisms, the Key Laboratory of Tropical Marine Biological Resources and Ecology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the Institute of Microbiology and Technology of Shandong University, hoping to make joint efforts to develop biotechnology through joint research. Cooperate together in the forefront of biotechnology.

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