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    Adequate inventory of sponge spicule in 2022

    Date:2022-04-29    Views:123

    Experienced a period of severe shortage of freshwater sponge raw materials in 2021, causing the supply of sponge spicule on the market to be cut off for nearly half a year. we are now maintaining a certain amount of raw materials and extracts in stock, to ensure that we can supply normally even if there is a shortage of raw materials in the market in future.

    Why sponge spicule is becoming more and more popular?

    Under healthy skin conditions, only 7% of skin care products are absorbed, but when adding sponge spicule ingredients to skin care products, the absorption rate of nutrients can be increased to more than 15%. Consumers will have a better sense of experience and give a high evaluation to the product.

    No matter how many good ingredients there are in skin care products, it is useless if they cannot be absorbed well. Therefore, the ingredient of hydrolyzed sponge will be more and more recognized by the market.

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