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    Stop it! Are you still thinking that Collagen can be supplemented by oral?

    Date:2020-07-15    Views:958

    Stop it! Are you still thinking that Collagen can be supplemented by oral?

        Collagen is not absorbed by the skin after digestion, collagen will be decomposed and metabolized into amino acids, dipeptides or tripeptides by the human digestive system, and absorbed into the blood by the intestine in these three forms, waiting for the next reassembly.


       Small molecules and hydrolyzed proteins are just advertisements, the so-called small molecule collagen just replaces the stomach and intestines,but in fact it is no different than eating the original collagen. Collagen taken by mouth is of low nutritional value and does not contain the "essential amino acids" needed by the body, It is better to eat meat, eggs or soy products directly, which is healthier and can also supplement the body's needs. And the oral collagen is almost free of tryptophan, once there is no tryptophan in the diet, the synthesis of various proteins in the body will be seriously hindered. 

    Small molecules and hydrolyzed proteins

    Collagen skin care definitely has the effect of moisturizing, some merchants propagate that "adding a small amount of collagen to cosmetics and applying it directly on the face can increase the skin's nutritional elasticity, reduce wrinkles, and delay aging." However the 99% nutrition substances are not easy to penetrate the skin due to there is barrier named stratum corneum. 

    How can skin real get the sufficient collagen? The best way is to stimulate the skin's dermal layer, and promote the skin's collagen hyperplasia by itself. Now there is a new type of therapy on the market- Spongilla Spicules Beauty Therapy(SSBT).  The needle body of Spongilla Spicules is teeny- tiny, and 200,000 micropores can be created in just 5 minutes,  the nutrient substances can be deliveried to the skin's optimal absorption location (dermis layer).  

    If you are still taking collagen capsule, stop it and join us.
    Spongilla Spicules Beauty Therapy(SSBT)- The New Era of Smear Micro-cosmetic Surgery.


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