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    Beauty revolution up again

    Date:2022-05-20    Views:419

    Now traditional skin care products are becoming increasingly competitive, and more companies are focusing on technological innovation. Scientific research shows that more and more biological extracts are widely used in skin care products.

    Sponge microneedle produced by our company is such a new technology. It can break through the epidermal barrier and create 3 million tiny channels in the skin within 5 minutes.Active ingredients and nutrients reach the dermis through tiny channels and then absorbed by the skin.

    The microneedle penetrates into the basal layer to activate the skin's "self-healing function", accelerate subcutaneous microcirculation, promote cell regeneration and collagen proliferation, and let the skin regenerate. It can be added to all kinds of skin care products, such as toner, lotion, essence, eye cream, face cream, mask, etc.

    So what are you waiting for?Choose SQT Sponge microneedle into your products,give you a head start on technical features.

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