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2019 Broccoli--- the Fighter of Anti-cancer (4)What is the Active Ingredients of Broccoli?

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         Broccoli may have the most remarkable effect of preventing and resisting cancer. Broccoli contains more vitamin C, which is higher than Chinese cabbage, tomato and celery, especially in preventing and treating gastric cancer and breast cancer. Studies have shown that the level of serum selenium in patients with gastric cancer is significantly reduced, and the concentration of vitamin C in gastric juice is significantly lower than that of normal people. 

         Broccoli can not only supplement a certain amount of selenium and vitamin C to people, but also supply abundant carotene, which plays a role in preventing the formation of precancerous lesion cells and inhibiting the growth of cancer. According to research by American nutritionists, broccoli also contains a variety of indole derivatives, which can reduce estrogen level in human body and prevent breast cancer. In addition, studies have shown that an enzyme extracted from broccoli can prevent cancer, and this substance is called sulforaphane, which has the effect of improving the activity of detoxifying enzyme, a carcinogen.

A New Anticancer in Vegetables: Broccoli Seed Extract

Statistics show that about 1.52 million people suffer from cancer and 1.05 million die of cancer every year in our country. Cancer has become one of the main causes of death threatening human health. Therefore, the research on cancer has become a hot topic in nutrition and medicine. In recent years, a number of studies have shown that broccoli can effectively combat breast cancer and colorectal cancer. Regular consumption of broccoli by healthy people can also play a role in preventing cancer. Therefore, broccoli is known as a " new cancer prevention star", and it is a kind of important substance sulforaphane (also known as " sulforaphane") contained in broccoli that plays a role in preventing and resisting cancer.

How was the " New Anticancer" Tempered

     Open the document retrieval database PubMed and enter " Sulforaphane", and more than 1500 documents will appear. Radish sulfur is an effective protective enzyme inducer, which can protect against the damage caused by carcinogenic compounds. It is the isothiocyanate compound with the most obvious antioxidant, anti-cancer and anti-cancer activities found at present. It is also recognized as the most active ingredient with anti-cancer activity in vegetables in domestic and foreign researches so far. Epidemiology and in vivo tests show that sulforaphane in broccoli can effectively reduce the occurrence of liver cancer, lung cancer, gastric cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer, rectal cancer, pancreatic cancer and other cancers.

     The occurrence of a tumor goes through three stages: normal cells are damaged before cancer, then further develop into carcinoma in situ, and finally become metastatic cancer. Precancerous injury is a key step to induce cancer cells. Carcinogens include chemical carcinogens and oxygen free radicals. These carcinogens pass through phase I metabolic enzymes (organisms have complex reticular detoxification systems, which can be classified into two types of detoxification enzymes, phase I detoxification enzymes and phase II detoxification enzymes. ) can be activated into electrophilic substances. These electrophilic groups and components can cause DNA damage and generate DNA adducts. Under the condition of insufficient expression of phase II detoxifying enzyme, chemical carcinogens can induce cell canceration, so inhibiting phase I detoxifying enzyme is an important link to prevent chemical carcinogens from generating carcinogenic effect. However, sulforaphane can exert its anticancer activity by inhibiting phase I detoxifying enzyme and inducing phase II detoxifying enzyme expression in vivo. At the same time, sulforaphane can also play certain activities in DNA repair, inflammation elimination, bacteriostasis, antivirus, apoptosis and blocking of tumor cells, etc.

       The research results on the topic of prevention and suppression of tumor by broccoli extract sulforaphane by domestic research institutions show that broccoli extract has remarkable anti-tumor effect in both tumor cell experiments and animal experiments. The experimental results of tumor cells show that medium and high concentrations of sulforaphane not only inhibit the growth and invasion of A549 lung cancer cells, SGC-7901 gastric cancer cells and PANC-1 pancreatic cancer cells, but also change the cell cycle, induce DNA fragmentation and induce gradual apoptosis of the three tumor cells. Animal experimental results prove that the tumor volume of tumor-bearing nude mice inoculated with the above three tumor cells is obviously reduced through the intervention of sulforaphane, and the administration group and the prevention group can increase the apoptosis of tumor tissue cells so as to inhibit the growth of the tumor.

Other uses of sulforaphane
     In addition to its remarkable effect in preventing cancer, recent studies have also found that sulforaphane has " potential" in other fields.

       According to reports, scientists from Johns Hopkins University in the United States first smeared broccoli extracts with different doses on the backs of some volunteers, and then exposed them to different levels of ultraviolet radiation. As a result, the injury degree of skin cells of volunteers who smeared broccoli extract on their backs every day for 3 days before ultraviolet irradiation was reduced by 37% on average. Scientists pointed out that the principle of chemical sunscreen products is generally to absorb, block or disperse ultraviolet rays, and sulforaphane contained in broccoli not only has the effect of preventing cancer, but also helps to enhance the antioxidant capacity of human skin cells, thus resisting ultraviolet rays.

       Another small study conducted in the Children's Hospital of Massachusetts General Hospital in the United States proved that sulforaphane can improve some symptoms of autism spectrum disorders. In a research report published in PNAS on October 13, 2014, researchers said that the participants' behavior and communication assessment had improved in only four weeks.

Although the sulforaphane contained in broccoli has ignited people's " enthusiasm" for fighting cancer, the reality is.

       Only about 0.5 grams of sulforaphane can be extracted from 1,000 grams of broccoli, and broccoli cooked at high temperature will also lose most of its nutrients. Therefore, eating more broccoli alone cannot achieve the goal of treating tumors, and developing broccoli extract health care products and drugs is of more practical significance. Although broccoli extract was also used in Tibetan brand Shanheng tablets such as Amway Nutrilite. However, similar products are still " rare" in the market due to regulations. Now, with the approval of broccoli seed extract through new food raw materials, and driven by strong market demand, related products are bound to show a stronger market growth trend.

Broccoli  is worthy of its name as a rising cancer prevention talent, and we will also focus on sharing with you what the magic ingredient is, and then there are several popular science articles on sulforaphane. If you are interested, we will continue to learn about it together!

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