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2019 the Fighter of Anti-cancer (7)What is the Active Ingredients of Broccoli—sulforaphane?

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Previous studies have proved that sulforaphane, an extract of broccoli, can reduce the incidence of skin cancer and lung cancer and prevent colon cancer. Recently, an old man with severe bladder cancer in Britain has caused a great stir by drinking broccoli vegetable juice every day to fight cancer. The claim that broccoli is beneficial to human body has been confirmed again.

Although broccoli has a miraculous effect on cancer treatment, there are few studies on autism treatment. At the same time, because broccoli does not lose tea egg's anti-cancer status, therefore, the autistic scholars have said, too much!

Fighter in Vegetables: Broccoli Extract Improves Autism Symptoms

A study published online on October 13 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences showed that sulforaphane, a compound found in broccoli sprouts, may improve the core symptoms of autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Researchers have encountered ASD children with transient fever and reduced hyperactivity in outpatient clinics. This reaction is similar to the heat shock response fever regulated by sulforaphane. As a result, researchers speculate whether the compound can also improve ASD symptoms.

The study was carried out by Dr. Kanwaljit Singh and others from the Medical College of the University of Massachusetts. Forty patients with moderate to severe ASD aged 13-27 were treated with an 18-week trial, of which 26 were randomly assigned to receive 50-150µmol of broccoli sulforaphane and 14 received placebo.

The results showed that 46% and 42% of the patients had significantly improved social skills and verbal communication. As of week 18, the minimum improvement rate of patients in placebo group was less than 3.3%. ABC score in intervention group decreased by 34%, showing hyperactivity, irritability, burnout and improvement of stereotyped behaviors. SRS score decreased by 17%, showing improvement in consciousness, communication, enthusiasm and eccentricity; CGI-I score in intervention group decreased, which showed improvement in social communication, abnormal behavior and speech communication.

However, after discontinuation of sulforaphane treatment, all scores returned to the pre-treatment level.

Although the treatment is considered safe and well tolerated, the study found that the weight of the intervention group was significantly increased (4.31 pounds vs 0.31 pounds) compared with the placebo group, and both groups of patients had vomiting, increased aggressiveness, headache and abdominal pain related to the treatment.

In addition, two patients with convulsion history in the intervention group also had a single spontaneous convulsion. Although autistic patients are more prone to epilepsy, the possibility that sulforaphane has epileptic side effects cannot be ruled out.

Dr. Paul Wang, director of medical research at Autism Speaks, pointed out in the announcement on the website that although this is only a small-scale pilot study, I was really surprised to learn that broccoli can also help treat autism. We hope that researchers can continue to carry out this research to fundamentally solve the symptoms and potential safety problems of autistic people.

This is only a preliminary experiment, not to say that if autistic people start eating broccoli, they will have the same symptom improvement. Moreover, in the daily diet, the sulforaphane in broccoli sprouts cannot reach the dietary supplement level used in the study. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct repeated studies on large samples. In the future, a medicine for treating ASD may be developed based on broccoli. It is still too early to tell doctors to prescribe broccoli for patients.

However, the improvement of symptoms of ASD patients by sulforaphane is still obvious. Therefore, sulforaphane has a good research prospect in the treatment of ASD.

Through the popularization of science in these articles, have you felt the powerful effect of sulforaphane, the effective ingredient of Broccoli  ? Then we will continue to share with you.

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