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    Why customer choose the Sponge Microneedle from Sunshine Bio-Tech?

    Date:2022-04-22    Views:147

    As the business volume of Sunshine Bio-tech grows exponentially year by year, we have a stable group of customers who have been insisting on choosing our sponge microneedles. Do you know why customers trust us so much?

    We purchased samples of sponge microneedles with the same specifications from the market and compared them with our products. After checking the results, you will find the answer why our products are trusted by customers.

    From the looks of samples by eyes, our sponge spicule power are pure white without yellowing, no black spots and impurities, while the other samples we bought from market looked a little yellowish and had black spots.


    When viewed under a microscope, our sponge spicule have no impurities, and the integrity of the needle body is higher than the samples we bought from market.

    Choose our spongilla spicule extract to add to your cosmetic product, absolutely will not have any adverse effect on the quality of your products, it will only help your product achieve better results.

    Welcome to ask us to take samples for testing, our quality will never let you down.

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