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    Different Experience of Sponge Spicules

    Date:2022-06-16    Views:483

    Compared with traditional metal needles, sponge spicules have smaller and finer needles (1g spicule powder contains about 5 to 6 million needles), and the pain is light, so there is no need to use epidermal anesthetic. Moreover, because of the extremely fine needle body, the insertion process will not puncture blood vessels, do not bleed, and the wound surface is very small (invisible), which greatly reduces the risk of infection.,simple care after use, and short recovery time (most people can put on makeup normally the next day). The dosage of spicule is about 1g each time. It is a one-time product. It does not reuse, reduces the process of preservation and disinfection, and fundamentally eliminates the problem of cross infection. Spicule is classified as a cosmetic, so it can be used in a salon, a studio, or even at home. Due to its powder characteristics, in addition to salon or studio products, it can also be used as a single component to add to face cream, massage cream and other household daily chemical products, so it has a broad and good application prospect.

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