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    Do you know the so-called “disfigured” peeling skin?

    Date:2020-07-30    Views:1132

    Do you know the so-called “disfigured” peeling skin?

    Recently, some beauty bloggers are recommending salicylic acid peeling and exfoliating. I also bought some products for peeling with salicylic acid. When I used it, I felt a burning stinging sensation, it's too horrible to look at when I see myself in the mirror. The picture below is my distress.


    Meanwhile, many peeling products on the market, such as salicylic acid peeling, AHA and SSBT, so confused by their effective, let's see how it works today.


    Sunburn Peel

    Skin sunburn is actually necrosis of skin cells, the cause of molting is a process in which new skin cells are produced to replace necrotic cells. Generally speaking, ultraviolet rays cause burns on the skin. says Dr. Curcio. "First-degree sunburns can be red and painful to the touch but affect only the epidermis, the outermost layer of the skin. Burns of this severity should heal within a few days. These sunburns are severely red and make the skin swell up and blister, this means that the dermis (a deeper layer of skin) and nerve endings have been damaged. This type of sunburn will take longer to heal than a first-degree burn and will likely be more painful.


    Chemical Peel

    Salicylic acid and Fruit acid as a peeling agent is the Chemical peeling. Chemical peeling principle of peeling chemical injury to the skin. Definition of chemical peeling: Chemical peeling is the process of causing controlled chemical injury to the skin (partial or complete epidermis with or without dermis) by application of a chemical peeling agent that causes exfoliation of the superficial layers of the skin, leading to removal of superficial lesions followed by regeneration of new epidermal and dermal. Superficial peels cause injury to the epidermis, Medium-depth peels penetrate to the papillary dermis, Deep peels cause necrosis to the level of the reticular dermis. its mechanism of action being desmolytic rather than true keratolytic.

    Nature Peel

    The peeling principle of sponge needle powder is mainly to stimulate skin microcirculation and promote the acceleration of metabolism through microneedles. Plus the addition of active ingredients in skincare products, while promoting the regeneration of skin collagen, speed up the growth of new cells, within 7 days, it can achieve normal skin regeneration that occurs in 28 days. Peeling through skin metabolism is the most scientific, healthy, natural, and effective peeling method, rather than forcibly peeling off the skin surface.


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