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    2020 SQT® - 3,226 Acres Freshwater Sponge Breeding Project

    Date:2020-04-01    Views:4501

      --- To build the biggest professional Spongilla Lacustris Breeding Base of China

    The quality of SQT® Spongilla Spicules 2.0 is wildly recognized by our clients since it was released to the market, one of the most important keys is the raw material --- Lake Spongilla Lacustris which has compact structure, clear radial fibers and intact spicules.

    SQT® Spongilla Spicules raw material is the Lake Spongilla Lacustris

    It's habitat conditions are demanding, including water temperature, water quality, climate, and lighting duration, that's the reason our first base is located at DongJiang Lake which has suitable environments for Spongilla lacustris.

     The microscope of Lake Spongilla Lacustris

    With the hot sales of sponge spicules, raw material capacity to reach a bottleneck for SQT® Sunshine, the New base be urgently needed!

     The selection for New Spongilla Lacustris Breeding Base was carried out by the SQT specialist team as per SQT® Quality Control and Appraisal System (SQCAS)evaluated all crucial points in Hunan.

    The selection for New Spongilla Lacustris Breeding Base

    The Maoli Lake locates Jinshi City, is the second-largest natural freshwater lake in Hunan, Coordinates is 29°26'14"N  111°55'19"E, basin covers an area of 62.5 km², holds 138,000,000 m³ of water.

    In 2013, was successfully included "the Chinese National Lake Protection Plan". In 2016 became "Chinese National AAA-class Wetland Park"

     the view of Maoli lake for New Spongilla Lacustris Breeding Basethe location of maoli lake in map

    Finally, the Maoli Lake of Jinshi City was chosen to establish the biggest professional Spongilla Lacustris Breeding Base of China, it is expected to cover 3,226 acres, and 10 acres SQT® Spongilla Spicule Modern Production Line Factory including freshwater sponge selection, initial processing and fine extraction as per ISO 9001/ ISO14001/ OHSAS18001 international standards.

    SQT® Investment Conference with leadership of Jinshi city

    1st April 2020, SQT specialist team represented by Dr. Henry Qin and Jinshi City administration team represented by Standing Committee Member- Dengquan Du held SQT® Investment Conference to discuss the procedure of Intelligent Hydrolyzed sponge Development and Utilization Project, and the schedule of investing and setting up factories at Maoli Lake of Jinshi City.

     photo of SQT® management and Jinshi city leadership team

    One big critical step for SQT® Sunshine to clamber the NO.1 of Sponge Spicules manufacturer in China, SQT® devotes to be the Spirited, Quintessential and Transcend company,  can provide from the customers' perspectives, being attractive as human beings in addition to being professionals, and the way to work in a healthy world to achieve such ends.

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