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    2019 Ginseng- King of Herbal(4)What is the Types of ginseng?

    Date:2019-03-18    Views:532

    For all kinds of ginseng names on the market, many people have a headache. For example, nouns such as sun-dried ginseng, red ginseng, American ginseng, fresh ginseng, and ginseng under the forest are confused, and it is not clear which is the real ginseng. Many people said, " I'll buy a ginseng, do you want it to be so complicated?" 

    In fact, these are really not complicated, these are ginseng, just because I have never seen them. Next, we will give you the most common ones.

    The legendary " king of grass"-what does ginseng look like? For those who have never seen ginseng before and are confused by various market terms, the following common ginseng categories will be announced as soon as possible:

    Fresh ginseng

    Fresh ginseng: called water ginseng in the industry. The picture is garden ginseng, also known as family ginseng, a kind of white ginseng, cultivated in ginseng fields. It is similar to growing turnips and vegetables. Of course, ginseng planting is not that simple. Ginseng takes at least 5-6 years from sowing to harvesting, so there are reasons why the price is not cheap.

    Sunken ginseng

    Sun-dried ginseng: also known as sun-dried ginseng, fresh ginseng is dried or baked to form ginseng and white ginseng. The picture shows sun-dried ginseng with whole beard, which is usually called sun-dried ginseng with whole beard.

    red ginseng

    Red ginseng: ginseng produced by steaming fresh ginseng and other special processes. The picture is full beard red ginseng

    Crushed red ginseng

    The above picture shows that this kind of ginseng, which is pressed into square blocks, is also red ginseng, which is pressed into blocks without strips.


    Korean ginseng: also known as beech ginseng, ginseng from south Korea and north Korea. Is it very similar to red ginseng? That's right, Korean ginseng that is normally sold in the market is basically sold in the form of red ginseng. South Korea imports a large proportion of ginseng raw materials from China due to the restriction of the planting area of ginseng.

    American Ginseng

    American ginseng: ginseng from Canada and the United States. Canadian ginseng is called Canadian ginseng, American ginseng is called American ginseng.

    Of course, Japan also has ginseng, known as Oriental ginseng, but it is sold less in China. In a word, ginseng belongs to Araliaceae. However, it is not necessarily ginseng that belongs to Araliaceae. This should be clearly distinguished.

    Under-forest ginseng under-forest ginseng-Chinese ginseng net

    Subsurface ginseng: planted artificially in the mixed forest of coniferous and broad leaves composed of trees, shrubs and weeds, it grows purely naturally without artificial intervention and is closest to ginseng of wild ginseng.
    Under-forest ginseng is generally harvested in about 15 years. Under-forest ginseng with some characteristics of wild ginseng in 20 to 30 years can be called wild ginseng in the new national standard of " Wild Ginseng Grading Quality". The Central Financial and Economic Channel " Consumer Proposition" has a report on Lin Xiashen. Friends who are interested in ginseng can learn more about it.

    Wild ginseng-Chinese ginseng net

    Changbai mountain wild ginseng: the new definition of wild ginseng in the new national standard " grade quality of wild ginseng" is: " wild ginseng or' under-forest seeds' which grow naturally in deep mountains and forests can fully embody the characteristics of wild ginseng after several years can be regarded as wild ginseng". Wild ginseng has been a rare treasure since ancient times. The so-called rarity is the most important thing. Combined with perennial digging, the number of pure wild ginseng is very small and there is no market for it. It is not to say that it can be found just by looking for it. The market circulation is relatively small.

    Of course, the ginseng family is not only listed above, but also ginseng such as border ginseng, pillar ginseng, party goods, pool foundation, etc.

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