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2019 Ginseng- King of Herbal(5)What is the Method for Taking Ginseng?

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Ginseng is known as the " Three Treasures in Northeast of China, with ginseng as the leader" and is a valuable Chinese herbal medicine and health product both inside and outside China. In the Qing Dynasty, ginseng was listed as a tribute. 

Modern medical research has proved that ginsenoside is full of various amino acids and vitamins, has extremely high medicinal and edible values, and has remarkable effects of Beauty frozen, resisting aging, resisting cancer, body shaping, improving intelligence, tranquilizing mind and prolonging life.

Ginseng is one of the special products in northeast China. In the history of Chinese medicine, the usage of ginseng has a very long history. As early as the Warring States Period, Bian Que, a good doctor, had known about the medicinal properties and therapeutic effects of ginseng. Shen Nong's Materia Medica Classic in Qin and Han Dynasties ranked it as the top grade medicine. Gong Zhong, a famous scholar of traditional Chinese medicine in Ming Dynasty, listed it as the first item in " Four Hundred Flavors of Song Enlargement": " Ginseng tastes sweet, greatly supplements vitality, quenches thirst, promotes fluid production, and regulates nutrition and health".Since ginseng has so many benefits for us, how does ginseng cook and which is the best way to eat it?

Stewing taking

Slice the sun-dried ginseng, use 2 ~ 5g each day, put the ginseng slices into a porcelain bowl, add appropriate amount of water, seal the bowl mouth, place it on a steaming rack in the pan, steam it in water, boil it with small fire for 20 ~ 30min after the water is boiled. Take the ginseng juice first, then swallow the ginseng slices. Take it half an hour before breakfast. Even one winter is very effective. The intake of food can be slightly increased or decreased according to the individual's physique and level of acceptance, and it is best taken according to the doctor's advice. For collapse, a large dose of 15-30g can be used, which can be decocted with strong fire, boiled to obtain concentrated juice, and taken several times.

Steaming taking

Steaming method: put 6-9g ginseng, proper amount of water and crystal sugar into a porcelain bowl or ginseng pot, cover it, and stew it thoroughly with slow fire over water. Drink the juice first, then eat the dregs.

Boiling taking

Break a white ginseng into pieces and place it in a casserole, add water to boil until the white ginseng turns red and the water contains bitter taste, then add a spoonful of honey and stir to combine the effective components of the two into one. This soup is called ginseng honey soup. It drinks a large cup every morning. It is both an aphrodisiac and a cure.

Oral taking

Cut ginseng into thin slices. if red ginseng is taken, it can be steamed into soft pieces in a pan and then cut into pieces. take 2-3 pieces at a time and soak them in the mouth. fine chewing can promote the production of body fluid and refresh oneself. it also has good effects of eliminating diseases and prolonging life. it is the simplest taking method.
The ginseng tablets are directly contained in the mouth, chewed slowly, and the ginseng tablets are melted, which is known in Shanghai as a living ingredient. A small amount of white ginseng tablets containing Hua can strengthen and nourish the body, prevent diseases, and still have good effects on oral and throat diseases.

Soaking taking

1. Ginseng soaking in water
Put the ginseng slices into a bowl or cup, wash them with boiling water, and cover them for about 5 minutes before drinking. Repeat the same method until the ginseng slices are eaten together when there is no taste.
2. Ginseng soaking wine
Self-made ginseng wine is mostly used for strengthening, invigorating primordial qi and prolonging life. A preparation method comprises soaking 200g of fresh ginseng with 1kg of wine for 3 weeks to obtain wine for drinking.
Drinking 10-20g a day is enough, and after the first time the wine is used up, it can be added into the original bottle until the ginseng skin turns white.
Another preparation method is: a 10-15g ginseng slice is soaked in 500g white spirit, sealed, shaken once a day, and taken after two weeks: 30ml daily.

Administration of ginseng products

1. ginseng pills
Drying ginseng, pulverizing, stirring with honey, and making into ginseng pill, which is taken with warm boiled water in the morning and evening with 2g each time.
2. Candied ginseng
Made of honey and ginseng. First, put ginseng into a porcelain pot or casserole to boil it soft, and then use honey to crush it thoroughly. it is crimson and has a sweet taste. take 2-3 tablets a day.  
3. Ginseng sugar
Put ginseng and white sugar together and put them into a casserole, add a proper amount of clear water, and boil them with slow fire until they are lumpy. The tonic effect is very good after taking them.

Ginseng should be taken in a gradual and orderly way, gradually increasing its weight, and its effect will be seen after a long time. Do not take it in large quantities at the beginning. Generally, it is better to use 3 grams of common sun-dried ginseng  and not more than 5 grams of American ginseng per day.

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