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2019 Ginseng- King of Herbal(6)What are the Wrong Ideas of Ginseng?

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Many people know that ginseng is known as the " king of all herbs" and is one of the famous " three treasures of northeast China" (ginseng, mink skin and pilose antler). it is a famous and precious medicinal material known to all ages at home and abroad. 

How to eat ginseng best, ginseng as a precious Chinese herbal medicine, has been praised as a good supplement and widely used by people since ancient times. But how is ginseng best? Many people think that ginseng supplements are wrong, so let's share it with you.

How to Eat Ginseng

Myth 1: Drinking ginseng chicken stew soup is the best nourishing method.

For many years, a popular tonic method among Chinese people is to use ginseng stewed chicken soup to drink in winter. People often think this is the best tonic method. In recent years, expert studies have found that egg soup is not suitable for people with hyperchlorhydria, biliary tract diseases, renal insufficiency, hypertension, hyperlipidemia and diabetes.

In fact, there are many ways to eat ginseng, such as soaking in water to drink, or directly chewing, containing, washing with water, stewing with water, and stewing with traditional Chinese medicine. All these eating methods can achieve good supplements.

Myth 2: Eating Ginseng Makes Inflamed

Many people think that " eating ginseng causes internal heat". In fact, this view is extremely biased and is the biggest misunderstanding of ginseng. The biggest reason why many people get angry after eating ginseng is that they eat too much.

However, ginseng is highly potent, especially perennial garden ginseng and wild ginseng, and should never be taken in excess. In this way, the effect will be the opposite. There will be nosebleeds, aphtha and other phenomena. How much is the daily ration of ginseng suitable? Fresh ginseng is different from dry ginseng, garden ginseng is different from wild ginseng, weak ginseng is different from strong ginseng, old ginseng is different from young ginseng, nourishing ginseng and curing ginseng are different, mild ginseng and severe ginseng are different, eating once is different from eating every day.

The amount of pure wild ginseng is much less than that of garden ginseng. Adults should not use more than 0.3g of dried wild ginseng every day, or less if they eat wild ginseng as usual, usually 0.1g.

Myth 3: ginseng cannot be eaten in summer.

Some people say that ginseng can't be eaten in summer, otherwise they will get angry, which is very partial. Experts believe that ginseng can be eaten in summer, so long as the type and quantity of ginseng are slightly different from those taken in winter.

Ginseng has ginseng products represented by fresh ginseng, dried white ginseng (sun-dried ginseng), dried red ginseng (red ginseng), ginseng whiskers, ginseng powder and ginsenoside tablets. There are many kinds of ginseng that can be eaten in summer, such as fresh ginseng, sun-dried ginseng, ginseng whiskers, ginseng powder, ginsenoside tablets, etc. Red ginseng is also edible, but its quantity must be controlled. For example, the amount of red ginseng eaten in winter is less than 5g, while in summer it is controlled within 3g.

This can be flexibly controlled according to one's own physical condition and different diseases. For example, southerners often eat ginseng, as long as it is not excessive, it is generally not irritated; The northeast people often eat ginseng, even if it is the same amount as the southerners, some people will get angry. Specifically, if southerners take 1.5g ginseng each time, northerners can take 1g ginseng each time. You can take it twice a day and three times in winter. If you drink ginseng in water, you can drink it several times a day, but not more than 3 grams per person per day in summer and not more than 5 grams per person per day in winter.

Myth 4: Chinese ginseng is inferior to Korean ginseng and American ginseng

The main production area of Chinese ginseng is located on the western slope of Changbai Mountain and the remnant vein. The main production area of Korean ginseng is located on the eastern and southern remnant vein of Changbai Mountain. Their geographical environment and climate are not very different. Chinese experts have used Chinese red ginseng and Korean Korean ginseng for comparative studies. The results show that the contents of various indexes in red ginseng are mostly higher than and close to Korean ginseng.

Some people think that the price of American ginseng is higher than that of Chinese ginseng, so they think that the effect will definitely be better. In fact, it is not. A Korean ginseng research institute studies the effective components of various ginseng as follows: 19 kinds of Japanese ginseng, 28 kinds of American ginseng and 30 kinds of Chinese ginseng. Experts in China have found that there are 56 active ingredients in Chinese ginseng.

Myth 5: Children and Young People Don't Have to Eat Ginseng

Whether children can eat ginseng depends on people. Children with good physique and sound development do not need to eat ginseng. However, children with weak physique and certain developmental problems can eat ginseng, but the dosage should be strictly controlled.
In the southern region, adults often take some ginseng soup to their children voluntarily in autumn and winter. This will play a role in resisting dampness and cold, with good results.
According to ancient Chinese medicine, children's tortoise back, chicken breast, five delays (standing late, walking late, hair late, teeth late, speech late), and five soft (head soft, neck soft, hands and feet soft, muscles soft, mouth soft) are caused by weakness, and ginseng can be taken to improve the present situation.

In South Korea, when children are three months old, they are fed ginseng honey. As long as the amount is not excessive, the effect is quite good and there are no side effects. Even some Korean families feed ginseng soon after their children are born.
Young people eat ginseng for different purposes from the elderly. Young people eat ginseng to be more energetic, energetic and energetic. The elderly eat ginseng mainly for curing diseases, supplemented by nourishing. Young athletes from South Korea, Russia and other countries mostly take ginseng to improve their athletic performance.

How to eat ginseng is the best. Although ginseng has a good tonic effect on the body, you must also pay attention to how it is eaten (I learned about ginseng's eating method with everyone in the last article). Only by correctly understanding its eating method can you have a more effective tonic effect.

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