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    Herbal Extracts for Cosmetic Raw Material With Activity(1)

    Date:2017-04-06    Views:1582

    Herbal Extracts for Cosmetic Raw Material With Activity (1)

    Acmella oleracea Extract 
    Alfalfa Extract 
    Apple Extract 
    Astragalus extract  (scutellaria baicalensis extract)
    Burdock Root Extract 
    Centella asiatica extract
    Chamomile Extract
    Chinese yam extract
    Citrus Extract 
    Licorice Extract 
    Coneflower Extract 
    Danshen extract  (Salvia miltiorrhiza extract )
    Elderberry Extract Powder 

    Those herbal extracts will help you make a choice for using herbal extract for cosmetice raw material.

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