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2019 Marigold-Flowers of Respect for the Elderly (1)What is the Marigold?

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Marigold is an ideal raw material for extracting pure natural yellow pigment from panicum miliaceum. 

In Africa, it is called Khakibush (Khakibushi). It is commonly hung under the hut of indigenous people to drive off swarms of flies.

Origin of name

Marigold with auspicious meaning has long been regarded as a flower of respect for the elderly. As for the origin of the name Marigold, there is also an interesting story!
Legend has it that in the middle of the 16th century, this flower spread to southern China from abroad. People do not know its name, but only see it blossom from autumn to winter every year. It is petal-shaped, like chrysanthemum, and has beautiful color. Because its flower leaves have a foul smell, it is called " petal smelly chrysanthemum". One autumn, a county great grandfather celebrated his birthday. to add atmosphere, the butler placed two rows of potted flowers at the gate. suddenly, the yellow and green flowers glowed brightly. The county magistrate was overjoyed and asked, " what is this flower?" The housekeeper smiled and replied, " The petals of rotten chrysanthemum." However, when the county magistrate heard this by mistake, he said cheerfully, " ah! Marigold, yes! Yes! "

Since then, the name of marigold has spread widely. Marigold leaves are green and flowery, and people like to use them to afforest and beautify the environment. On holidays, especially the birthday of the elderly, people often give marigold as a gift to show their health and longevity.

Marigold is a panicum miliaceum belonging to the genus Tagetes of Compositae. Its stem is erect, stout, with longitudinal thin ribs and branches spreading upward. Leaves pinnately divided; There are a few glands along the leaf margin. Head inflorescence solitary; Involucre cup-shaped, apex dentate; Tongue-shaped flowers are yellow or dark orange; Tubular flower with yellow corolla. Achenes linear, base narrowed, black or brown, covered with short hairs; Crown hair has 1-2 long awns and 2-3 short and blunt scales. Flowering period: July-September.

It originated in Mexico. It is distributed all over China. It can grow at an altitude of 1150 meters to 1480 meters, mostly in roadside meadows. Marigold is often sown in spring, because of its large flowers and long flowering period, it is often used in flower bed scenery.

Marigold varieties are classified according to plant height:

High stem species with plant height of 70-90cm and large flower shape;

Medium stem species with plant height of 50-70cm;

Dwarf species with plant height of 30 ~ 40cm and small flower shape

According to the flower shape, it can be divided into honeycomb type, spread type and groove type.

Common potted marigold varieties are:


Inca (INCA), with a height of 35cm and double petals.

Crush with a plant height of 25-30cm, this series of marigold includes golden Papaya, yellow Pineapple, orange Pumpkin, etc.

Antigua has a plant height of 25-30cm and double petals, and blossoms 65-70days after sowing.

Discovery has a plant height of 15 ~ 20cm, strong branching and double petals.

The Medallion has a height of 15-22cm.

Marigold is really the king of chrysanthemum, not only is there a great variety, but also its efficacy is very powerful. 

With one article, we will share with you the efficacy of marigold.

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