Which ingredient from "Rosemary" make the skin care so different?

Henry Qin

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Since the beginning of the last century, after studying and comparing the antioxidant efficiency of 36 spice plants, rosemary has been generally recognized as the most efficiency plant for antioxidant , which has a strong inhibitory 

effect on the oxidation of various complex lipids.

As the same of astaxanthin and tea polyphenols, rosemary extract is a terpenoid phenolic antioxidant. 

The main antioxidant components are rosmarinic dialdehyde, Carnosic and rosmarinic acid. These components are easily soluble in alcohol, so they are extracted from alcohol generally.

The result of research told us that rosemary was about 1 to 6 times more effective than butyl hydroxyanisole (a common artificial antioxidant) at antioxidant levels in different ratios of oil.The rosemary is more steady than natural vitamin E and tocopherol.Experimental data showed that under the same conditions, the antioxidant stability of rosemary was 1.5 times and 1.2 times.

The applications of rosemary in skin care products has the benefit of extending the life of the product, replacing many artificial antioxidants and reducing the amount of preservatives in the formulation.

The natural polyphenols antioxidants derived from rosemary have the characteristics of high antioxidant, great thermal stability, low production cost and natural non-toxic, so as to avoid toxic and side effects on human body.Its antioxidant effect is 2-4 times that of synthetic antioxidants BHA and BHT, which is superior to Vc, 1-2 times that of tea polyphenols and 1-2 times that of TBHQ. It has many incomparable advantages that traditional synthetic antioxidants.

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