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    2020 The most amazing sponge (3) : What is the Sponge Spicule Beauty Therapy

    Date:2020-02-18    Views:2443

    What is the Sponge Spicule Beauty Therapy

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    Sponge Spicule Beauty Therapy is a natural bio-physical skin renewal solution. Compared with traditional micro needle instrument (Micro Metal-needle Roller), Sponge spicule has advantages of no infection, no pain, no bleeding, low cost, and simple operation.

    Sponges Spicules penetrate into the epidermal layers and constantly stimulate the skin cells to split and regenerate during 72 hours. The skin metabolism & microcirculation is awakened after this process. Thanks to its hollow structure, sponge spicule has function to adsorb redundant oil, dirt hidden below the skin. Finally, the cuticles peeled off naturally and the skin recovered newly born health and beauty.

    Characteristics of MTS
    hydrolyzed sponge extract supplier1.Does not damage the integrity of the skin structure;
    2.Gradually remove deep skin toxins and wastes;
    3.Set up a large number of skin micro channels, beauty products transport base;(more than 200,000 micropores can be made in just 5 minutes);
    4.Direct delivery of the required active ingredients to the optimal skin absorption location;The specific nanometrics compound biological factors have specific effects on symptoms, with clear purpose and significant effect. The permeability of product ingredients is several times higher than that of ordinary beauty products.
    5.Stimulate skin self-healing ability, promote skin metabolism, maintain skin elasticity and beauty;

    6.Activate cells, repair damaged tissues, directly participate in cell metabolism, achieve wrinkle, promote, whitening, anti-aging effect;

    7.Special biological active ingredients promote the enhancement of cellular immunity, slow down the aging of skin, and keep the skin young for a long time.
    8.Use the natural healing ability of the wound to induce the skin's own nutrition and collagen growth;
    9.No side effects, significant efficacy, safe and reliable, simple operation, no trauma, also known as "nap beauty";
    10.Safe and natural, easy and simple, instantly see the change of skin.

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