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    Sponge microneedle-The other side you don't know

    Date:2022-05-26    Views:90

    Is there really a needle in the Sponge microneedle? Many people have this question before they try to understand sponge microneedle.

    Since the middle ages,there has been a traditional herbal medicine in Europe, which is widely used to treat skin problems. It is also the secret recipe of the royal court in Europe. This is a rare deep-water needle sponge found in the deep sea. It will produce different kinds of compounds to protect itself due to adapting to the living environment, and the compounds produced by this variant can regenerate quickly to wounds and in harsh environments, and can resist virus, bacteria and other predators on the ground.

    After millions of years of evolution, the bones of these deep-water sponges have changed into needles, and then made into sponge powder through SQT’s patented technology (Biological Extraction Technology) to ensure that each tiny needle particle is controlled at 200-250 μ M in length, using manual massage to make these invisible needle sponge powder penetrate into the bottom layer of the skin, so as to achieve a safe and effective physical skin change effect. Therefore, it has become the primary choice for the treatment of skin problems.

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