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    Stable supply of hydrolyzed sponge

    Date:2022-06-02    Views:87

    Raw materials of freshwater sponges in the world market mainly come from China and Russia. However, due to the recent changes in the international situation and the impact of the epidemic, the logistics and transportation are not very smooth, resulting in a shortage of hydrolyzed sponges for nearly half a year.Don't worry, Hunan Sunshine Bio-Tech have expanded production, sufficient inventory and stable transportation, all of which can ensure that the goods can be delivered to your designated place on time and safely.Our products are divided into two types, one is 70% content; One is 99%, with high purity and complete microneedle, which can be applied to all skin types.

    And Hunan Sunshine Bio-Tech is the only manufacturer of 99% hydrolyzed sponge in China, and have been developed and produced hydrolyzed sponge for 8 years. Please, feel free to message us if you want to know more!

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