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2019 Tongkat Ali - The National Treasure of Malaysia (2):What is the Functions of Tongkat Ali?

Date:2019-02-05    Views:386

Last article we talked about what is the Tongkat Ali ?

So, as Malaysia's national treasure, Tongkat Ali, its functions and what fields it is applied to? After reading our article, I will tell you the answer...

Tongkat ali, known as Malay ginseng, can be used as a postpartum tonic to treat diabetes, hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia and hypertension. Its extract can enhance physical strength and vitality, enhance immunity, enhance body function, refresh fatigue, reduce fatigue, kill bacteria, fight ulcer and relieve fever.

Quickly remove fatigue, restore life vitality, enhance physical strength and vitality; Nourishes the body and spirit; Maintain health and vitality, promote blood circulation and speed up recovery. Since ancient times, Indonesia and other local people have often boiled its roots for drinking because of its remarkable effects in strengthening the body and curing sexual dysfunction. So it has another beautiful name: natural aphrodisiac or natural aphrodisiac.

·Effect on gout

Through the clinical experiment analysis of tongkat ali, it is found that it contains a natural phytochemical composition, which can effectively regulate human endocrine, inhibit the synthesis of uric acid, and make uric acid not precipitate in human joints, cartilage, soft tissue and other parts in the form of sodium salt crystallization, and has obvious therapeutic effect on gout.

·Drop three heights

It has been proved by experiments that tongkat ali has significant effects on reducing hypertension, hyperlipidemia and hyperglycemia. 

20 days for a course of treatment, general symptoms of a course of treatment can be improved, severe symptoms can take three courses. 

·Improve immunity

tongkat ali has remarkable effects on anti-stress, anti-fatigue, and relieving depression. 

Its flavonoid content is 5 times higher than ginseng, and its efficacy is better than ginseng.

·Enhance fertility

Experiments have shown that increased fertility is the result of increased sperm count and quality.

tongkat ali can improve the quality, quantity, size and speed of sperm.

·Anti-cancer function

Researchers from the school of medicine, university of Tokyo, Japan, isolated anti-cancer substances from tongkat ali. After experiments, the substances extracted from dongge ali have strong therapeutic effects on lung cancer and breast cancer. In addition, it has been shown in other studies to have anti-tumor and anti-fever properties.

·kidney and Yang

The effect of tongkat ali on the rapid improvement of renal power and prolongation of renal vitality is unique.

It stimulates the hypothalamus and pituitary gland to send signals to the testosterone secretion system to produce more testosterone. 

This endogenous testosterone is different from oral testosterone without any side effects. 

It has been proved by many studies that tongkat ali is an effective and unique theory of sexual stimulant.

·Metabolic diseases

For such as diabetes, gout, hypertension, rheumatism, prostate and other diseases have significant improvement and recuperation. 

Achieve the unique effect of treating both symptoms and root causes.

·Beauty and fat elimination

tongkat ali has the effect of reducing fat, 

tightening skin and beautifying face, 

anti-wrinkle and anti-relaxation, 

delaying menopause, restoring health and maintaining physiological youth.

Our article ends here. Do you know anything about tongkat ali?...

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