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    The development trend of beverage - CBD and health

    Date:2019-12-20    Views:266

    Keywords: Edulcorant,Healthy,CBD

    Beverage development companies predict major trends in beverage innovation in 2020. Overall health, CBD ingredients and sugar reduction will be key to beverage innovation.

    Among beverage flavors, botanicals mixed with fruity flavors such as basil, strawberry, mint, lemonade, etc. will be a popular combination, while exotic fruits such as kaman orange and blood orange will also grow, These exotic fruits are combined with familiar flavors such as guava, strawberry, grapefruit, lime, berry and dragon fruit.

    Focus on overall health
    Consumer demand for functional drinks that support physical and mental health will continue to be a catalyst for innovation. Beverage companies are expected to "return to basics" by incorporating essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, omega-3 fatty acids, and proteins into functional beverages. Natural spices from super fruits, vegetables and herbs, and flavors that cause nostalgia

    Beverages with new ingredients such as adaptogens and cannabidiol (CBD), which have the ability to enhance mood and relieve stress, will also be the focus of attention. Popular flavors include botanical flavors such as lavender, rose, and chamomile, as well as indulgent flavors that mask the common odors of botanical ingredients, such as chocolate and vanilla.

    CBD is still popular
    Despite complex regulations and FDA warnings, the CBD market will continue to thrive in 2020. CBD is inherently risky because it comes from the cannabis plant and is illegal under federal law as a food additive and dietary supplement. However, CBD is naturally present in cannabis oil and cannabis extract, which is legal under the U.S. Agricultural Act. Therefore, hemp oil, cannabis extract and broad-spectrum cannabis extract will be the most commonly used ingredients in CBD beverages.

    From water to hot sauce, CBD has been included in all food and beverage fields. However, due to the complexity of FDA regulations, brands must decide whether to take this risk. Another option is to label the addition of cannabis extract ingredients without explicitly highlighting its CBD content. Many CBD products currently on the market are changing their packaging, claiming to contain cannabis, rather than boldly claiming the total CBD content of each product.

    Innovation of sweetener

    Consumers are trying to reduce sugar consumption, but beverage makers have yet to find a perfect sugar reduction solution .
    In 2020, reducing sugar and sugar alternatives will remain a top priority for beverage manufacturers. Consumers' preferences and taste expectations for sweeteners are constantly changing. Brands will meet the diverse consumer needs by introducing a variety of sweetened beverages (such as zero sugar, low sugar and whole sugar) products.
    Beverage companies will also innovate on natural non-nutritive sweeteners, such as stevia, Monoma garrovenori, and allulose. Honey, maguey, jujube and inulin will also be the main ingredients for replacing sugar.
    The sweetness of inulin is about 30-50% of sucrose. In addition to replacing sucrose, it also has the effects of increasing fiber content, replacing fat, thickening and moisturizing, and will play a greater role in the food and beverage industry.


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