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    2019 Turmeric- The Best Magic Supplement(3)What is the Functions of Turmeric?

    Date:2019-02-27    Views:655

    In the last article, we introduced the five magical functions of turmeric to everyone, and at the same time left us with questions. 

    So what other functions and functions does turmeric have besides these five functions? So today I will reveal to you the other five functions of turmeric! Let's have a look!

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    6. Reduces Allergies

    Turmeric supplements are even effective in treating allergies and their symptoms. An allergy takes place when your immune system over-reacts to foreign substances. We refer to these substances as “allergens.” Your body mistakenly identifies them as harmful, triggering an immune system response.

    Reduces AllergiesOur body’s response leads to the release of histamines. When histamine release occurs, it causes allergy-related symptoms. The symptoms experienced depend on the allergen itself. They can affect different bodily systems, and the effects range from mild to severe.

    Turmeric benefits allergies by inhibiting the release of histamines. Histamine inhibition treats allergic symptoms and reduces the frequency of allergic reactions.

    One study examined the effects of turmeric for allergies on patients with hay fever. Curcumin reduced symptoms by 70% (sneezing, swollen eyes, stuffy nose, etc.). The improvements lasted long after the administered treatment.

    A 2015 study in mice showed that curcumin could reduce the effects of food allergy symptoms. The results suggested that curcumin could be equally useful for other allergies. This benefit is significant, as turmeric's side effects are either minor or non-existent.

    7. Enhances Brain Function

    Can curcumin make you smarter and happier? Scientific research says using turmeric as a brain supplement can work. Curcumin is a major supporter of brain health. For example, it can increase the bioavailability of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). DHA is a vital energy source for the brain, allowing it to make new neural connections.

    Enhances Brain FunctionCurcumin can also benefit “neuroplasticity.” Neuroplasticity allows for the creation and deletion of neural connections. It is how you eliminate bad habits while forming good habits. Neuroplasticity enables you to learn new skills and become better at them.

    Depression and Anxiety

    The mental health benefits of turmeric are significant as well. Multiple clinical trials show that a turmeric supplement can safely treat depression. Some studies show that curcumin enhances the effects of antidepressants. Curcumin helps depression by balancing the brain chemicals responsible for mood enhancement.

    As for anxiety, it turns out that DHA plays a major role. Curcumin also boosts DHA production, which serves as an anxiolytic. Additionally, a 2015 study measured curcumin's effect on anxiety in obese individuals. Participants reported significant reductions in their anxious feelings.

    Memory Retention

    A study performed in older adults found that curcumin can improve memory retention. Not only could subjects remember more information, but their attention span increased. They also experienced reduced fatigued and increased feelings of calmness.

    Curcumin can also reverse memory problems, according to a 2018 psychiatry study. People with mild memory problems who took curcumin improved their retention by 28%. Not only that, but they also felt slightly less depressed.

    8. Aids in Liver Detoxification

    Liver detoxification is an essential bodily process. It removes toxins from the blood while storing vitamins and minerals. Using turmeric for liver detox is a growing trend. There are many more functions, but the liver plays a vital role in optimal health.

    Aids in Liver DetoxificationWhen the liver cannot detoxify properly, it fails to break down dangerous substances. These substances enter the bloodstream and damage the body. Therefore, it is vital to help the liver function and avoid overworking it.

    Curcumin aids the liver's ability to detoxify the body. At the same time, it lowers the damage caused by harmful agents. Turmeric curcumin helps detoxification by targeting substances the liver can’t handle.

    Curcumin can also lower the damage done to liver cells by dangerous substances. It does so by interrupting the pathways that aid inflammation. This benefit falls in line with curcumin's anti-inflammatory properties.

    Finally, curcumin simulates the release of bile from the gallbladder. Bile prevents the formation of harmful substances from alcohol. It also helps the liver eliminate unwanted waste products from the body.

    9. Enhances Antioxidant Capacity

    As previously mentioned, the curcumin in turmeric is a very potent antioxidant. By reacting with free radicals, antioxidants prevent critical damage to our cells. These items include DNA and proteins responsible for gene expression. Free radicals are responsible for several chronic diseases such as cancer and cataracts. This benefit is why turmeric supplements are now in the mainstream health conversation.

    Enhances Antioxidant CapacityCurcumin can also increase the activity of your body's antioxidant enzymes. Antioxidants provide your body with a solid defense against chronic inflammation. There are several ongoing studies on curcumin's antioxidant properties for treating various diseases. The health benefits from turmeric derive from its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

    10. Helps Headaches & Migraines

    What is the difference between migraines and headaches? A headache is a mild to severe pain in your head that occurs on both sides and lasts a few minutes to several days. A migraine is an intense pain that usually affects one side of the head. Both can reduce focus and concentration and cause immense discomfort.

    Headaches & MigrainesPeople usually experience weird sensations a few minutes before a migraine. There are also symptoms with migraines not seen in headaches. These can include seeing blind spots, and feelings of dizziness.

    Supplementing turmeric for headaches can help. Curcumin primarily relieves headaches and migraines through the reduction of pain. By reducing one's sensitivity to pain, curcumin helps with pain relief and discomfort.

    While the mechanism of action is uncertain, it may have to do with inflammation. Inflammation can lead to the production of pain stimuli. Curcumin is an anti-inflammatory agent. Thus, it helps reduce pain-associated inflammation.

    Final Thoughts on Health Benefits of Turmeric Curcumin

    What are the benefits of turmeric? We have shown many proven medicinal benefits of using turmeric. Whether you want to treat a disease or slim down, there are several positive uses. Reducing inflammation and boosting immunity can substantially improve longevity. Turmeric can even cure brain fog and assist with anti-aging.

    Turmeric alone will not absorb well enough to experience positive health benefits. Experts recommend consuming your turmeric supplement with piperine (black pepper extract). Piperine enhances bioavailability and absorption into the bloodstream. BioPerine is a common form of peperine used to improve turmeric absorption. Turmeric is a remarkable spice and should be a part of everyone’s daily vitamin stack.

    Then our discussion on the function of turmeric has come to an end. If you are interested in turmeric extract, you can call or email for advice!

    We will continue to talk about other aspects of turmeric in the next issue.

    See you in the next article! Please contact us for any inquiries!

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