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    2019 Turmeric- the best magic supplement(4)What is the application of turmeric?

    Date:2019-03-01    Views:577

    When it comes to turmeric, I'm afraid not many people know it, but when it comes to turmeric flavor, many friends may have tasted it many times before they knew it. If you have ever eaten curry, by the way, turmeric is the main yellow substance in curry. It is a kind of complex and rich wood aroma with faint fragrance of flowers, citrus and ginger. It tastes a little bitter, with moderate spicy taste and warm taste with musk flavor. It is full of mysterious and rich oriental flavor.

    Curcuma longa, a ginger plant rich in southern China, is also a medicinal and edible material. Traditional medicine believes that it has the effects of dredging channels and relieving pain, promoting blood circulation and circulation of qi, dispelling cold and diminishing inflammation. The main chemical component in modern research is curcumin. The World Health Organization ( WHO ) and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations ( FAO ) both list curcumin and curcumin as food additives.

    Compatible application of turmeric

    1. With cassia twig

    cassia twig is pungent, sweet and warm, and has light smell. It is good at warming and dredging blood vessels. It can not only relieve spasm and urgency of tendons and arteries, but also promote joint obstruction, internal viscera and external limb joints. Ramulus Cinnamomi warms channels, helps Curcuma Rhizome to promote blood circulation and relieve pain, Curcuma Rhizome to break blood and move qi, helps Ramulus Cinnamomi to reach yang qi, warms channels and dispel cold, then blood unblocks channels and treats stagnation of upper and lower joints, arthralgia and pain.

    2. With gardenia

     gardenia is bitter and cold, clearing away heat and toxic materials, purging pathogenic heat from lower energizer, entering liver and gallbladder, clearing away jaundice, gardenia is assisted by turmeric to promote qi circulation and remove blood stasis, which strengthens the function of dredging liver and gallbladder, and has the effects of clearing away heat and gallbladder, detoxifying and relieving pain. It is used for fever, bitter mouth and hypochondrium pain caused by stagnation of liver and gallbladder heat and toxic materials, blood stasis and qi stagnation.

    3. With angelica

     angelica Ganwen Xinsan, nourishing blood and blood, dredging meridian passage and relieving pain, it should be assisted by turmeric, blood stasis will disappear and new life will emerge, once it is nurtured and broken, the opposite will complement each other; Curcuma longa is assisted by Angelica sinensis, has the functions of promoting blood circulation, dredging collaterals, promoting qi circulation and relieving pain, and is used for treating chest pain, menoxenia, menstrual pain, amenorrhea, etc.

    4. Mixed with accumulation

    bitter bitter orange can descend, with strong vigor, breaking qi to eliminate accumulation, resolving phlegm and eliminating mass. The combination of the two drugs, one for breaking qi, the other for breaking blood, promoting qi circulation and removing blood stasis, is used for treating chest pain, abdominal distention and pain, and abdominal mass.

    5. With cicada slough

    cicada slough is pungent and cool. It is a light and clear product. It is pungent and easy to disperse. Cooling can remove heat, dispel wind and dampness, clear away heat and relieve depression. It can not only promote the circulation of fire depression, but also penetrate rheumatism outside the fire. Curcuma longa can not only disperse cold and suppress stagnation, but also help cicada slough penetrate fire depression. It can also reduce turbidity, release heat and guide fire downward. As soon as the announcement is made. Once it is released, it is clear and turbid to rise, and yang to disperse fire, then internal and external access will be achieved and qi and blood will be regulated to eliminate the pathogenic factors of fire depression in the triple energizer.

    6.With Viola yedoensis Makino

    Viola yedoensis Makino is bitter and bitter, clearing away heat and toxic materials, cooling blood and reducing swelling. Di Ding has the help of turmeric in dispelling wind, promoting blood circulation, warming and dredging. Direct access to the disease site, clear away heat and toxic materials, warm and clear away cold, and eliminate carbuncle and swelling altogether.

    Besides the above gold collocation, do you know any other collocation of turmeric?
    Welcome to leave us a message ~ let's discuss together!

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