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2019 Turmeric- the best magic supplement(5)What is the Notes on turmeric?

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Speaking of turmeric, it is well-known by us. The use of turmeric can play an important role in health care. So what is turmeric like? What role can turmeric play? Let's share some interesting things about turmeric together.

Generally, turmeric is grinded into powder and be boiled into porridge or beverage, and some of them were sliced into large pieces into the soup directly. This edible method is more reliable. Therefore, when you see turmeric powder, you have no doubts again.  By taking turmeric, our health can be protected effectively.

Don't  take turmeric by mistake ! Who can't eat turmeric ?


Although turmeric contains many ingredients beneficial to human body, it has the effects of promoting blood circulation and promoting qi circulation due to its pungent, warm and fragrant nature. If you don't eat properly and ingest too much, you may cause excessive circulation of qi and blood in your body, excessive nourishment, and make your body uncomfortable! In particular, intake is not recommended for the following 3 types of constitution.


 1.yin deficiency and fire hyperactivity

 For people with yin-fire deficiency and hyperactivity, eating a large amount of food is not only not good for health, but also more likely to cause excessive internal heat, such as oral ulcer, halitosis and other problems. Generally, turmeric is too pungent and spicy to eat and the function of promoting blood circulation and promoting qi circulation, which also leads to a large accumulation of internal heat that cannot be dissipated, causing symptoms of internal heat such as halitosis and broken mouth. May be due to the habit of staying up late at night at ordinary times, leading to the problem of yin fire deficiency and hyperactivity. Therefore, under the condition of yin deficiency and yin deficiency, it is not easy to balance external hot stimulation.

 2.Pregnant Women, Pregnant Women

Except for those with yin deficiency and fire hyperactivity, women who are pregnant or have a need to prepare for pregnancy in the near future are not recommended to take any food containing turmeric. In fact, turmeric, which has the effects of promoting blood circulation, removing blood stasis and dredging channels, also has the function of resisting implantation, that is, resisting implantation of fertilized eggs. Therefore, it is not recommended for women who need to prepare for pregnancy. Due to the unknown teratogenicity of turmeric, coupled with improper administration, it is easy to cause pregnant women's blood flow too fast and accelerate uterine contraction. In order to avoid affecting the health of fetus and mother, pregnant women should try to avoid consuming turmeric during pregnancy.


 3.physiological period

In addition to promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, turmeric also has anticoagulant effect. Therefore, in order to avoid massive bleeding during menstruation, it is not recommended for female friends to take it during physiological period.

[ Little Reminder ]:

 Whether it is turmeric or any single health food, ingredient, or even traditional Chinese medicine or medicated diet, it is best for everyone to discuss with qualified medicine practitioners first and make adjustments according to individual constitution by current situation. Don't listen to rumors of abuse, abuse of supplements, or go to a traditional medicine pharmacy to grab some medicine. You won't fail to preserve your health. Instead, the supplements get worse.

Turmeric has many benefits to human body, but it should also be taken according to the doctor's instructions.

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