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    The Wonderful Peptides (2): What is the benefit of glutathione?

    Date:2021-01-22    Views:267

    The Wonderful Peptides (2): What is the benefit of glutathione?

    Glutathione exists in almost every cell in the human body, The human body manufactures glutathione by itself, and then uses glutathione to resist oxygen and detoxify the body. 

    ——The human body is so wise, that it knows how to produce and sell itself, and is self-sufficient. It does not need to apply for patents, because it is difficult for anyone to copy.

    Human beings are always trying to plagiarize or even surpass, AI, biological therapy, organ transplantation, cloning, so what? At this stage, shouldn't it be necessary to take good health care and prevent it?

    A. The first medal of glutathione- Antioxidant

    1. About oxidation

    If I were a bare apple that was bitten open, and breathing in oxygen is what I must do to continue my life, then turning black and turning ugly and turning rotten is an inevitable side effect of breathing in oxygen. Being oxidized is an inevitable problem of life. So we don't have the courage to "live to death", but we have to breathe in order not to suffocate. ——This is the oxidized chicken soup explanation. To be oxidized, that is, the components in the cell lose electrons in the chemical reaction equation-this is the chemical explanation for being oxidized. After being oxidized, that is, after the cell loses electrons, it means that the tissue structure of the cell is destroyed. The structure determines the activity and function, just like a car will no longer have the function of "driving" without a tire. ——This is the physical explanation of being oxidized. 

    glutathione- Antioxidant

    The antioxidant effect of glutathioneprimary task of glutathione is to prevent oxidation

    2. The antioxidant effect of glutathione

    The primary task of glutathione is to prevent oxidation, which is to protect the electrons of human cells from being taken away by free radicals. How does it hold the electrons?

    Glutathione can be said to be a revolutionary who sacrifices his life for justice. It first gives its electrons to the predator free radicals. The free radicals that get the electrons will not snatch the electrons of the human cells within a certain period of time. This is the free radical. Inability to destroy human cells, leading to various chronic damage and inflammation.

    B. The second medal of glutathione-detoxification

    1. About toxins

    The environment in which we live, from heavy metals to pesticides, from food additives to household chemicals, from industrial pollution to electronic radiation, is impossible to prevent these toxins enter the our body. 

    After the guards of gastric acid, intestinal mucosal barrier, liver Kupffer cells, and immune cells are killed, we are struggling to survive. These toxins are in the body’s defense system as "damage factors", and the battle begins. In the battle of the immune system and damage factors, the inflammatory response occurs immediately. And we say that inflammation is the source of all diseases. In the work of detoxification, the liver factory stepped forward to block one hundred. The liver under the rain of bullets was of course the most scarred:

    Drinking, the liver decomposes alcohol; smoking, the liver decomposes nicotine; taking medicine and injections, the liver metabolizes drug toxins; food, exhaust gas, and large particulate matter must all be collected in the liver for detoxification. The liver is really hard work. I can hardly see a middle-aged man’s physical examination report. The liver function is normal. Transaminase, cholesterol and bilirubin are higher than the Tiangong test.

    2. Detoxification of glutathione

    Free radicals produced with metabolism are also a toxin. Free radicals lack electrons and will snatch electrons from human cells everywhere in the body. If a protein cell molecule is captured, its branch chains will change, which is what we often call molecular aberrations. These aberrant molecules that have lost electrons will continue to seize electrons from neighboring molecules. In this way, a vicious circle will result in a large number of aberrant molecules. The so-called genetic mutations also come from this.

    Microscopically speaking, glutathione is the defense system of every cell, which is used to resist oxidation and detoxification of every cell, and is the shield armor of every cell.

    Having said so much, I just want to tell you that glutathione-the body has its own, so it is safe! Necessary for the human body, so useful! For safe and useful things, you are afraid of falling, why are you not afraid to lose your knowledge of glutathione?

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