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    Why choose Dongjianghu Lake Spongilla Laustris?

    Date:2020-12-01    Views:159

    Why choose Dongjianghu Lake Spongilla Laustris?

    SQT®'s spongilla spicule raw material planting base is located in the Dongjiang Lake with the first-class surface water quality in China. Dongjiang Lake has a humid subtropical monsoon climate. Compared with other regions, the annual precipitation is more uniform, the temperature is suitable, and the sunshine is sufficient. It is listed as an AAAAA-level scenic spot in China.

    There have been millions of sponges in different shapes. The sponge used by SQT® is Lake Spongilla Laustris. The needle body of Lake Spongilla Laustris is relatively complete and compact. The length of the needle body is 180-250um. The human skin is 200um from the stratum corneum to the dermis. Lake Spongilla Laustris can just deliver the active ingredients to the dermis.

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