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    2020 The most amazing Hydrolyzed Sponge (6) How does SQT® improve the Purity of Spicules?

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    the purity of crystal needle

    high purity spicules for top level cosmetic

    the harm of impurity to skin

    criteria of spongilla spicule purity

    formula of gelatin coagulation gravimetric method

    procedure of gravimetric method

    result of spongilla spicule content test

    chrominance comparison test for spongilla spicule

    SQT provide the purest spongilla spicule powder of the world

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    SQT® Spongilla Spicule 2.0 (II)

    The Purity of Crystal Needle

    How does SQT® improve the purity of Spicules?

    · Why does the purity is important?

    · What are the harm of impurities? 

    ·  How to determine the purity of Spicules? 

    · What had we done to improve the purity? 

    Why is the high purity so important?

    The essential condition 
    for making top-level 
    Greatly reduce the cost 
    of impurities and 
    processing difficulty

    protection for 
    consumer’s safety
    Increased the selectivity 
    for adding into different 
    cosmetic categories
    Harms of Impurity to Skin

    Irritant contact dermatitis (ICD) Commonest

    Allergic contact dermatitis (ACD)

    Photosensitive  dermatitis induced (PDI)

    Cosmetic acne

    Cosmetic skin pigment abnormality

    The Criteria of the Purity of Spicules

    The purity of Spongilla Spicules determined by two dimensions: The Content and the Color

    The content of Bio-silicon determined by Gelatin Coagulation Gravimetric Method

    The content of Protein determined by Kjeldahl Method

    *The international standards of content were adopted by SGS // GB/T5009.3-2016

    The Chrominance of Spicules is the comparison test which is
    according to Natural Colour System® (NCS) standard

    Formula of Gelatin Coagulation 
    Gravimetric Method:

    Purity of Biological silicon calculate on W1 mass fraction of SiO2,
    numerical value in %, calculation based on formula A.1

    W1=(M1-M2)/M0×100% ..... A.1

    *  M1 — sample residue and Mass of nickel crucible(g).
        M2 — Mass of nickel crucible(g).
        M0 — mass of sample(g)
    Use the arithmetic mean value Of Parallel result, the absolute difference of
    two parallel results should not matter than 0.2%.

    Procedure of Gravimetric Method

    1. Grind & Screen

    2. Sample

    3. Weigh

    4. Gelatinization 
        & cauterize

    5. Cool & Re-weigh

    6. Calculate

    Result of spongilla spicules Content Test

    Use the arithmetic mean value Of Parallel result

    Chrominance Comparison Test

    NCS - Natural Colour System® 
    is a international scientifically based 
    colour system that allows for accurate 
    cross-industrial colour communication 
    for designers and manufacturers, 
    and customers. The system allows 
    you to describe colour on all imaginable 
    surface. This has made the colour 
    system a global standard for definition, 
    quality assurance and communication 
    of colour. 
    4 Tops of SQT for Improving the Purity

    SQT - All raw materials of freshwater sponges came from 
    Hunan Dongjiang Lake which is the I-Grade of National
    Drinking Water from 2011-2019 (GB3838-2020)

    SQT - Deeply cooperated with National Key Labs- Hunan M&M LAB.
    Top scientific R&D and QC team, sophisticated equipment are the 
    necessary for highest class purity products, and all the 
    production detection reagent are certificated by CNAS & SIGAMA 
    SQT - Producing process, QC and packaging are conducted SQT 
    Quality Control and Appraisal System (SQCAS) which is according 
    to ISO-9001 standards, that was approved by US-FDA and KOSHER 

    SQT - All of the components of the Spongilla Spicules belong to 
    INCI catalogue recognized by International Cosmetic Organization

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