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    The secret of the pseudo-science of skin care

    Date:2020-07-23    Views:850

    The secret of the pseudo-science of skin care

    Originally, I only planned to share a repair method, but I found that many girls are asking for help on the social media network to help their facial peeling and powdering. Many people reply that they need to clean face masks, exfoliation, and so on. I discovered that in fact, most people don't know their suggestions, it is the culprit that caused these problems, so I share this personal experience.

    I originally had healthy skin. I have never had skin allergies, red blood streaks, and other symptoms. How to toss me to get dermatitis step by step. This process of deviation and the pits I have stepped on, I believe many people have the same to encounter.

    I was on a trip to Tibet in the summer of 2019, and my face exploded and my skin was extremely dehydrated. At first, I thought it was caused by fatigue, dryness, and sun exposure, but now I think about it, these are just incentives. What and caused my dermatitis was my excessive cleansing and skincare.

    Mainly divided into three stages:


    I used to at random belief in various advertising adverts: "*** 700 facial masks applied in a year".Because I am an oily skin, it is inevitable to have blackheads, acne, and pores. In addition to cleaning with facial cleanser in the morning and evening, I also bought two skin cleansing devices. Because of the excessive cleaning every day, the skin feels that it is not moisturized enough, and then I apply the mask every day. The moisturizing essence must be applied thickly to avoid drying.

    2Crazy buying all kinds of big-name skincare products

    In August, Tibet was scorching hot during the day and the climate was dry. Make up every day and keep reapplying sunscreen. Do not think that sunscreen does not harm your skin, just that it is less harmful than ultraviolet rays. I will make a cleansing mask every day after I remove my makeup. The skin began to peel the next day. At first, I thought my skincare products were not enough to moisturize and moisturize, so I changed to big-brand skincare products and used them in large quantities. As a result, the skin started to stabbing pain.

    3Seek medical advice

    Big-brand skincare products cant solve my skin problems, causing my skin to peel again, After trying so many methods, I'm still peeling. I went to the dermatologist and was diagnosed with mild dermatitis. I needed to stop all skincare products. Then the doctor recommended me a smear called Spongilla Spicules Powder, The doctor said that the principle of this is: press and rub the sponge-like powder with a needle length of about 10 microns into the skin, so that it can penetrate the human skin, and then stimulate the dermis of the human skin, so that the outermost layer of stratum corneum is removed, and finally,  To achieve the effect of promoting skin metabolism, the technical term is called Sponge Spicule Beauty Therapy (SSBT).

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