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    2020 The most amazing Hydrolyzed Sponge (8) What is the procedure of SQT Spicules Extraction?

    Date:2020-04-15    Views:459

    Hydrolyzed Sponge production flow


    1), Take raw material of Spongilla, wash it twice with distilled water to remove the impurities in alcohol and sponge.

    (2), Put Spongilla into plastic centrifuge tube, then pull chromic acid solution in it, cover the centrifuge tube tightly, and put it in a water at 50-70 ℃ for 2-5 minutes, turn the centrifuge tube continuously to digest the sponge thoroughly during that time.

    (3), Take out the centrifuge tube and add distilled water to mix well, collect the spicule.

    (4), Repeat step (3) twice to completely remove chromic acid and digestion products from the solution

    (5),   Add distilled water into the spicule precipitation, shake the resuspend spicule, and sieve the water through the filter mesh.

    (6), 40 ℃, 120 minutes drying will be ok.

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