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    The most amazing sponge (1) :What is the Spongilla Spicules?

    Date:2020-01-10    Views:2463
    spongilla spicules
    The Spongilla Spicules (Hydrolyzed Sponges) are the most primitive multicellular animals, who live in the ocean for over 200 million years, it has been developed to more than 1 million species, accounting for 1 / 15 of the marine animal species, sponge is a vast ocean family, the most of them locate in marine intertidal to 8500 meters (more than 28000 feet) deep.

    Not all sponges live in the ocean, there’s a kind of needle sponge genera (spongilla lacastris), also called freshwater sponges, and about 20 species, they live in fresh water, commonly in the clean lakes and streams. It with soft and fine structure, with appearance of shell like or branched clumps. You can find them live on the surface of aquatic plants, leaves and stones, due to the parasites such as algae living on the surface of sponges, it always show colors such as gray, brown or green.

    Along the development of modern science and technology,especially the improvement and popularization of microscope in cosmetics company, the researcher found under microscope that, the spongilla powder constituted by kinds of organics and silicon with needle-like, and stimulate the dermis, help to activate the skin micro-circulation, and to reduce the skin process blocking, and also help to speed up the metabolism of skin generate,accelerated aging cuticle natural flake.

    This curing principle is similar to “derma roller”, but spongilla spicule is the product of biological evolution, it’s a kind of needle-like silicon naturally evolved in sponge body in the specific growth condition. Spongilla spicule is with finer and smaller size between 50um-180um, the purely physical stimulation on skin can help to avoid infection caused by skin damage.

    So, it’s an ideal natural origin ingredient and could be used on skin for a long time to cure acne,pimple,foliculitis and oily skin, with multi skincare function if skin polishing, oil skin-balance, pimple removal(especially for silent acne),weitening & spot solution,tightness and pore minimizing etc.)

    What is the applications of this magic Sponge,let's unveil it next time...

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