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    What is the SQT® Spongilla Spicule of Hydrolyzed Sponge Extract ?

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    What is the SQT® Spongilla Spicule of Hydrolyzed Sponge Extract ?


    When we think about the sponge, you may think of cleaning sponge or SpongeBob.

    But sponges are very diverse phyla/ˈfaɪlə/ and come in many shapes and sizes living at shallow or great depths in salt and freshwater.

    Despite their differences, most sponges share certain features commonly found in sponges as the presence of spicules, tiny fragments forming sponge skeletons/’skɛlətn/. These spicules are made out of different kinds of material and come in many shapes and sizes.

    The freshwater sponge is one genus of the Sponge family, its spicules are made out of Bio-Silicon, formed into simple cylinders with pointed ends, just like needles, these spicules are so tiny that can easily penetrate the skin.

    Bringing the innate natural benefits, the Sponge Spicule Treatment was commonly used to treat skin problems from 18th century Europe.

    Hunan sunshine biotech had been focused on research freshwater sponge for 7 years.

    The lake Spongilla laustris Auct. is a species of sponges from the family Spongillidae /’spʌndʒi,laidi:/ has the shape with a flat thin layer and compact structure, clear radial fibers, and intact spicules. The skeletal architecture is generally is cylindrical and spindle-shaped, spicules are smooth and pointed at both ends (Amphioxea).

    Interestingly, present observations showed very clearly that the spicules from the Lake Spongilla lustrus are the best option for the resource raw material of SQT® Spongilla Spicule 2.0.

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