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    Key Labortory of Chemical Biology

    Date:2017-09-28    Views:1874

    Hunan normal university "the development and utilization of the key laboratory of hunan province (hereinafter referred to as the laboratory) is based on hunan normal university, and the competent department is the science and technology department of hunan province.On January 3, 2014, the provincial science and technology department approved the construction of the project.The academic committee of the laboratory is composed of seven experts and scholars. The chairman of the academic committee is chaired by professor zhou honghao of zhongnan university.The director of the laboratory is professor Chen bo. 

    Based on chromatographic, mass spectrometry and spectroscopic techniques, the laboratory has conducted extensive and in-depth researches on Chinese medicine, health food, etc.After more than ten years of development, the team has four professors, four associate professors and seven lecturers.Among them, 1 person of the ministry of education in the new century, 1 in hunan province, 4 doctoral supervisors and 10 doctoral degree candidates.This team has always been adhering to the strategy of the development of hard and soft power go hand in hand, to form the leading edge and application research, scientific and strict management system and pattern of active research atmosphere and thinking, the lab is equipped with advanced research equipment, ensure the international advanced research achievements.In recent years, the laboratory responsible for a number of national and the province departmental level topic, of which 6 items of national natural science fund, 1 key projects of natural science foundation of hunan province, hunan province education department 2 scientific research projects, talent introduction fund one of hunan normal university.In 2013, the "study and development of high fluxes of plant chemical monomers in plant chemical monomers" were listed in 11 provincial natural science innovation research group funds.In recent years in the experimental chamber members have made fruitful under the joint efforts of scientific research, international top journals in the field of the Anal. Chem., j. Chromatogr., a. j. Chromatogr. B, Catal. Commun., Curr. Drug Metab., Molecules, Electrophoresis, j. be Sci. A series of high level research publications such as paper, more than 10 national invention patents.

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