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    Yao ShouZhuo(Chief Scientist)

    Date:2016-12-21    Views:2172

    Yao ShouZhuo--Chief Scientist of Hunan Sunshine Bio-Tech co.,Ltd

           Yao keep a mainly engaged in the study of chemical and biological sensors. Put forward the complete performance of piezoelectric crystal liquid oscillation quantitative relation. Established a piezoelectric sensor analysis method for the determination of trace components used in the liquid phase. Surface acoustic wave liquid sensing technology was applied to chemistry and life sciences, is suitable for the liquid phase is developed a new type of Rayleigh surface acoustic wave sensors, set up the associated with liquid physical and chemical characteristics of sensor network analysis theory and several new method. Also puts forward the mass effect of piezoelectric/acoustic sensing method, developed a variety of trace, trace and biological sensing technology. Puts forward the theory of base state drug electrode and nernst multiplier effect theory and the corresponding electrode system, greatly improve the sensitivity and precision.

          In recent years, the national "fifteen" research plan, the state planning commission, provincial department, the provincial planning commission, supported by key projects in the efficacy of Chinese herbal medicine composition separation analysis, development and related standardization analysis methods such as standard reference substance aspect has carried out fruitful research, in the Chinese herbal medicine has a higher level of monomer compounds in purification. High purity (> 98%) developed by ginseng saponins monomer, chicory acid, ganoderma lucidum terpene acid, safflower yellow pigment, rutin, fructus schisandrae shell element, fructus schisandrae b etc have been designated by the ministry of health as a health food function factor determination standard reference substance, and establish related medicinal materials and preparations in collaboration with Chinese traditional medicine enterprise standard of fingerprint, purified preparation needed for fingerprint reference substance (single compound or extract). Keep a professor yao in the development of interdisciplinary and applied to the new chemical and biological sensing completed a series of fruitful work innovation, related achievements reached the international leading or advanced level. Successively presided over complete provincial-level projects of national natural science foundation of more than 20, is "the eighth five-year" key projects of national natural science fund, "five-year" key project, head of the subject. In domestic and international important academic journals published more than 400 papers. 

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