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Application of sponge microneedles

  • Application of cosmetics

    With the development of modern science and technology, especially in the application and popularization process of cosmetics companies, researchers have found that sponge powder composed of various organic compounds and silicon needles has a significant therapeutic effect on acne. It is an ideal natural source ingredient that can be used on the skin for a long time to treat acne, acne, folliculitis, and oily skin. It has various skin care functions, such as polishing the skin, balancing oil, eliminating acne (especially used to eliminate acne), whitening and spot solution, firmness, and minimizing pores.
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  • Application of biomedical materials

    In terms of the application of biomedical materials, siliceous organisms form diverse skeletal structures ranging from nanometers to meters under natural conditions, bringing new design concepts to human silicon material production. In recent years, preliminary progress has been made in the research of biological silicification mechanisms and biomimetic applications, especially in the field of biomedical materials, which have shown broad prospects and may have far-reaching impacts on the future.
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  • Application of new communication materials

    As for the application of new communication materials, sponge bone needle nanomaterials and related synthesis and decomposition enzymes have shown remarkable application prospects in microelectronics, fiber optic communication, and biomedical fields. Research has shown that a glass fiber material structure similar to optical fibers found in sponge animals provides more possibilities for the development of new communication materials. This discovery is expected to drive innovation and further development of new communication materials.
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