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Sponge microneedle professional production line

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Sponge microneedle professional production line


Do you know how to use our spongilla spicules powder? It can be used directly or added into cosmetics as ingredient.I'd love to introduce the effect and usage of professional line for our spongilla spicules.

Sponge Microneedle Professional Line

1.Renewing the epidermis
Accelerates the natural shedding of old cells, promotes the increase of collagen and elastin in the skin, smoothes fine lines and enhances elasticity.
2.Improves skin texture
Improves clogged pores, maintains oil and water balance and treats acne-prone skin.
Matching options:

Can be used in combination with functional ingredients to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, treat scars and stretch marks, brighten the skin, reduce pigmentation, firm and lift skin tissue.

Recommended dosage:

6%-12% (lighten melanin and exfoliates)

12%-16%(for acne and peeling)